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It’s not cricket*

I had a great ex-pat moment at the weekend. As we were driving to a friend’s house in Brazoria County, Middle of Nowhere, Texas, I glanced across the fields and spotted a group of people in the distance all dressed … Continue reading

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Cup of tea?

After a total of seven years in Texas, I had started to consider myself reasonably fluent in American English. I’m way past the crisps/chips, chips/french fries stage. I know that, defying all expectation, the entrée is not the first course in … Continue reading

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This was made possible by…

Having ranted recently about the pressure to volunteer for things my kids are involved in, I’ve only gone and been awarded the Volunteer of the Year prize by the school PTO. Ah, the irony. I suspect that, out of the many parents … Continue reading

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Poor Expectations

Recently, the kids’ dentist told me I should write a book on raising children. I’m fairly certain he wasn’t being sarcastic. This, coming from the great state of Texas, is an example of what I like to think of as the … Continue reading

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Lost Owner, Looking For Dog

Well, I don’t know if it was the British accent or the bad hair, but apparently something marked me out this morning as a person in need of a dog. I was chatting (about nothing remotely related to pets) to … Continue reading

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I pronounce you…

I’m seriously thinking about hiring a dialect coach. It’s really the last option. You see, I’ve lived in Houston for five years now and I pretty much consider myself a local. I can drive while applying make-up, drink sweet iced … Continue reading

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Gym etiquette

At the gym today someone came in and chose – out of an empty row of a dozen or more identical machines – to work out on the bouncy up-and-down elliptical thing right next to mine. I was a bit … Continue reading

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I think I’m becoming Americanized. (See, I even spelt it with a zee?) Don’t worry, I haven’t gone and bought me a gun. I haven’t switched to iced tea instead of PG Tips (a much more horrifying scenario). I haven’t … Continue reading

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Tea and repression

Today, Éila invited a friend from school to play. Aw, sweet. Except, she invited herself and her schoolfriend into someone else’s house. Awkward. I ended up chatting with my good friend in her kitchen while her daughter, my daughter and … Continue reading

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Different country, same admin.

So, around four months ago, I was complaining on here about how life was getting in the way of doing any writing. Our Oxfordshire house purchase was dragging on and I’d been chasing around trying to organise stuff while keeping … Continue reading

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