Getting your own way

It’s all change. The old blog wasn’t working – no matter how hard I tried to graft on comment boxes and RSS feed apps, it just didn’t do what I wanted it to. I spent a while – okay, quite a while – trying to teach myself a new content management system and completely redesign the site, before giving in gracefully and switching to WordPress like the rest of the blogging world.

Okay, okay. It might actually have gone something like this:

Niall: "Do you want to be a web developer?"

Me: "Well, no."

Niall: "And what’s wrong with the software everyone else uses? You know, the one you don’t have to spend weeks learning, so you can use your time writing instead?"

Me: Mumbling something about invalid html and search engine optimisation

Niall: "Oh, for feck’s sake, stop being such a code snob and start blogging again."

So here I am, and to mark the occasion I’ll let you in on a secret: the failsafe way to get a seat on a packed London underground train at rush hour.

It’s quite simple; just start crying. Between sobs, repeat "But I wanted a seat!". Look pathetic. All around you, people will be squeezing their way to their feet to offer you a place to sit.

Oh, and it helps if you’re three years old and cute. You knew that, right? I may have caved in and switched to a generic blogging tool, but I’m not ready to cry to get a seat on the Tube. (Yet.)

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