It’s not cricket*

I had a great ex-pat moment at the weekend. As we were driving to a friend’s house in Brazoria County, Middle of Nowhere, Texas, I glanced across the fields and spotted a group of people in the distance all dressed in white and running around as though they were playing some kind of sportsball.

“Oh, look,” I said to my husband, “there are people playing cricket!”

Because I’m British, and programmed to assume that men wearing white trousers and white shirts + throwing a ball around in a sunny field = a game of cricket.

English Village Cricket

Then my brain caught up slightly and determined that the chances of cricket happening in Middle of Nowhere, Texas, were pretty small. Maybe infinitesimal. And then we drove past a signpost like this one:

Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Inmates

And as we got a bit closer, I realised that the village green was in fact a square of concrete surrounded by razor wire, the cricket whites were all-white boiler suits, and the men were actually playing basketball. In jail.

And I was quite pleased we hadn’t turned off in that direction hoping for a cup of tea and some strawberries.

*It’s just not cricket. British phrase meaning something is unfair or unsporting.

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