Picture (im)perfect

Éila has developed an unsightly and contagious skin condition this week, which means it must be time for school photos.

Last time we had an appointment at a photo studio, Cian showed up sporting a lovely grazed nose.

It could have been worse. The original injury really wasn’t pretty.

The airbrushing guys would have earned their money with that one. You see, parents needn’t settle for anything less than perfection in their kids’ appearance these days; when we arrived to proof the pictures, Cian’s grazes had all been edited out. We got some strange looks when we asked for the scrapes to be left in – but Cian wouldn’t be Cian without some kind of bump or bruise (aww, bless his clumsy little cotton socks).

Plus, my childhood photos could fill an entire scrapbook with shots of unfortunate haircuts, gawky metal-covered teeth and shiny, pimply adolescent skin. Why should he get off so lightly?

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