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As this website nears its tenth anniversary, I feel it’s time for a slight overhaul; something like a 10,000-mile service. Don’t worry, I’m not quite ready to trade her in yet. (Not being exactly the “careful lady owner”, I don’t think I’d get much in exchange anyway. Maybe like a free iPhone app. The kind with all the annoying adverts.)

A little trip down memory lane:

I set the website up in 2003 after Niall and I got married and the concept of Dr and Mrs Rock was born: i.e. we were both geoscientists and the “mccormack.com” domain name was already taken. We posted photos here for family and friends to see until everyone joined Facebook and this became redundant.

In 2009, I began to write stuff down. Calling it a blog is a bit like comparing my early experiments with CSS to actual “style”, but it was a turning point. By the end of 2010 I was getting the hang of the writing part, but it became obvious that I was now technically hampered by having turned into a raging code snob.

In 2011, I set up a whole new site using WordPress and proceeded to attempt to blog like a normal person. Which is to say, I updated religiously for two months, then took a year’s hiatus. My “but the dog ate my homework” excuse was a move across the Atlantic at two weeks’ notice.

Now we’ve been living in one place for over a year. The house is as finished as it’s going to get. (If you come round, please quietly ignore the non-functioning bathroom faucet and the holes in the dining room wall. They add character.) The children are settled in school and pre-school. (If you see them howling and clinging to me at drop-off, it’s not because they’re getting used to a new environment, it’s because they’re four and six and “it’s not fair”.)

I’m doing more writing and it’s time to follow my own advice, i.e. have a sensible website with a sensible name. My tentative plan is to use KirstyMcCormack.com to write about writing and keep DrAndMrsRock as a sort of messy garage apartment where I rant about my kids and leave coffee rings on the table. So if you want to hear about the WordPress workshop I’ll be teaching, wipe your feet and head over to the neat space. Otherwise, move the laundry pile to one side and make yourself comfortable here.

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