Over and out

Spring Break evenings at the beach have been going something like this:

  1. Give one walkie-talkie to group of small children. Remember to keep the other.
  2. Negotiate order and precise length of turns with the walkie-talkie.
  3. Reassure children that they will know when it’s the next person’s turn because an adult will tell them.
  4. Reassure children that even though no adults will be physically present, someone will be able to tell them whose turn it is by walkie-talkie.
  5. Send children away to play while watching from balcony three floors up.

A typical exchange might be

Child: “Are you okay up there?”
Adult: “Yes, we’re okay. Are you okay down there?”
Child: “Yes, we’re okay. I’m coming up now.”
Adult: “That was quick. Are you done playing?”
Child: “No, I need to tell you something.”
Adult: “Um, you could tell me on the walkie-talkie.”
Child: Looks surprised. “Oh. Well, I want you to help me put the walkie-talkie on my belt.”
Adult: “Okay, but if we fasten it to your belt, how will you talk into it?”
Child: Moves hand between belt and mouth. Bends down experimentally towards midsection.“Oh yeah. Never mind.”
Adult: “It’s the next person’s turn now.”
Child: Yells next child’s name at full volume, while still depressing the talk button.
Adult: Waits for hearing to return.

Communication would definitely be easier if we gave them an iPhone each, but watching their confusion over old-school technology is way more entertaining. I’ll take a moment of smugness while I still can.

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2 Responses to Over and out

  1. Wendy Elliston says:

    Absolutely brilliant, wish I could have seen it. Watching children trying to work things out is so lovely .

    • Kirsty says:

      We were in tears it was so funny. The best part was that the walkie-talkies didn’t lose their novelty for the whole week :-)

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