Damned kids

Warning: I am about to make light of a serious issue.

After school yesterday, my six-year-old told me she’d had a talk with a fellow¬†first-grader during recess. Her friend told her that she wouldn’t have a very nice life because she doesn’t believe in God.

Wow. That’s some serious religious intolerance that kid has picked up from somewhere. And, how do I even start discussing this one? But wait, there’s more:

“And, Mummy, he says if I don’t believe in God, then I’ll go to hell.”


Oh. My. <Insert deity of your choice here>. I have managed to keep a straight face while explaining to children that the stuffed rabbit doesn’t have feelings and probably didn’t mind her ear being nibbled. I’ve had an entirely serious conversation about what we’d do if the Force was real. But explaining the concept of an atheist being sent to¬†hell? Too much. My irony circuits just overloaded.

So, yes, my kid experiencing prejudice at school due to her (lack of) religious beliefs = bad.

Her entirely seeing the funny side of being condemned to a place she doesn’t believe in? As the adverts say, priceless.

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